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With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the arts and a wealth of global travel experiences, I've cultivated a profound understanding of cultural diversity and artistic expression. These journeys have not only broadened my cultural horizons but have also ignited my passion for incorporating vivid colors into my artwork. Drawing from my Brazilian heritage, I infuse my creations with a distinct perspective aimed at making a meaningful impact. Furthermore, my in-depth study of colors and their psychological influence enhances my ability to convey emotions and positive messages through my art. 
Continuously challenging myself to experiment with different mediums, I embrace the ever-evolving process of self-expression, pushing artistic boundaries to effectively communicate my vision.

I'm a color-loving Brazilian, raised in the cultural melting pot of Rio de Janeiro, which significantly influenced my artistic style.

I graduated in Marketing and attended a Graphic Design course at the Panamericana School of Art and Design in Sao Paulo. In 2015, I initiated a collaborative cultural center in Santa Catarina (Southern Brazil), dedicated to events, exhibitions, and art workshops. I curated local crafts to support and nurture emerging artists. Simultaneously, I began teaching art classes at a private school and launched a social project called 'Creativity for All,' where I provided art and creativity tools to girls in need within my community.

I moved to the United States in 2019 and have since been fully dedicated to working in art. Represented by the All ArtWorks Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I dedicate most of my time to creating in my studio in Saint Joseph, Michigan, and participating in exhibitions across the US.

I have been showcasing my work globally, including exhibitions such as "Oasis of Colors" at Vander Plas Gallery in NY (2023), "Future Stars" at The Holly Art Gallery in London (2024), "Art on the Loop" at The Holly Art Gallery in NY (2024), and the Michiana Art Show in Michigan (2023). This July, I will have a solo exhibition at The Box Factory for the Arts in Saint Joseph, Michigan, running throughout the summer. 

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