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At the beginning of her creative process for this exhibition, artist Mari Barros sought to understand her deep fascination with vibrant colors. She believes that colors have the power to bring joy and positive energy to any place and noticed that her most colorful artworks were created on the grayest days. This observation led her to study the effects of colors on our emotions, and as she delved deeper, she became increasingly captivated by the subject.

Her curiosity about the power of colors prompted her to question why impoverished and underdeveloped countries have such vibrant colors and joyful people. Countries like Brazil, various nations in Africa, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico are filled with vibrant hues. Could it be a way to bring joy to the environment? She believes so.

Through her research, Mari discovered the ten most colorful cities in the world, which became the inspiration for this exhibition. She uncovered the stories behind each colorful city and transformed this cultural immersion into abstract artworks.

The fascinating stories of these places led to a cultural immersion during her creative process. Now, you can experience the result in the abstract pieces featured in this exhibition.

Discover the 10 Cities Chosen as Inspirations for This Exhibition and the Stories Behind Them.

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