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September, 14 - October 1

The Colorful Journey

The Colorful Journey is a collection of 3 paintings that represent my expression through colors and shapes when I returned to painting on canvas. Each piece of this collection connects with the other two through its colors, conveying an explosion of visual sensations. I intended to make the spectator delight himself in every visual detail that makes up this work as a whole. I also inserted many details to make the viewer stop and pay attention to shapes and colors. In this sense, I believe that details can make the art even more intriguing.


I discovered my unique style by experimenting with different techniques, media, and materials. Vibrant acrylic paint, watercolors, markers, and crayons are my favorite tools to outline organic shapes and colors, bringing up life through the canvas. Through abstract art, I found out that I could express ideas with colors and shapes, in a way that I couldn't say in any other way. For me, abstract means to break free from literal representations. It’s not about drawing a perfect flower or a pretty landscape, but expressing feelings, capturing energy, or exploring the unknown. I hope that through my art people can feel the same joy that I feel when I’m in the process of painting.


Title: DETAILS - 48x30 

Title: ABSTRACT HOUSE - 18X24 


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